Zonin Prosecco

Wine Region:  Italy

Wine Type:  Brut Sparkling Wine – Prosecco

Price: $9.41

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Dry, Acidic, Crisp, Citrus

K: Its very light and crisp. Its not a grapefruit taste, and its not very lemon-y. It’s more like a twist of lemon.

C: It’s so effervescent that it just disappears before i can swallow it.

K: It’s totally good and nice and dry. This is dry enough that you could mix it with something sweet and it wouldn’t be overwhelming. It’s a great deal for under $10. It would mix amazingly. Sub this out for champagne.

C: I really like this, its a delicious dry prosecco. I dont really drink bubbly by itself, but i think this would be an exception. Its got a real flavor but its also light.

Bottle Notes: The Zonin Prosecco is a delectable and bubbly sparkling wine with a soft and fruity flavor that makes it ideal as an aperitif and for the entire meal. Perfect for Bellini cocktail. Serve chilled at room temperature of 42-46 degrees.


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