Torre Di Pietra Malbec 2010

 Texas Hill Country Wine


[box style=”rounded”]Wine Region: Texas

Wine Type: Malbec

Price: $14.99
Store: Spec’s Liquors[/box]

K: So we are reviewing this out of order because there were 3 Torre wines at Specs and the two cheaper ones were sold out and there were only 2 bottles of this left. So, i decided to get it while we could.

K: It smells like wine and bathroom cleaner? Wait, it smells like if you opened wine in my grandma’s house. It smells like light wood, and a clean dust. Realizing that makes me like it more.

B: It reminds me of the smell of library books.

C: Ha, it smells really herbal.

K: Oooo, i like the way that tastes.

C: Wow, the taste of wood is overpowering.

K: It’s different from other Malbecs i’ve tried in that its not fruity, it doesnt lead with fruit. Its got a perfume but its woody. It would be a good fall wine. Mmm. i like it. It doesn’t taste light though.

K: It gets a 3 out of 10 on wine mouth. It doesn’t make your mouth feel like its drying out.

C: Yeah, the tannins. It’s nice and smooth. But it’s kind of too much flavor for Texas. It reminds me of the Super Red I tasted at the Wine Festival in 100 degree heat that almost made me yack. The nose is too much for any kind of hot weather drinking.

K: It’s October/November wine. The normal Malbec fruitiness is the most minor part of that taste. When you drink it, and then breathe in through your mouth you can taste the depth and wood.

C: It would be a great fire wine. The smoky wood smell from a fire would totally echo with the wood in the wine.

K: I disagree, i think it would be too much.

This wine was found at Specs (Brodie Lane) for $14.99.

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