Texas Hills Pinot Grigio 2010

head_w_web_01Texas Hill Country Wine

K: Whoo, this has a lot of flavor.

C: I like it, but i think it reminds me of a chardonnay almost. It’s really acidic.

K: The write up mentions fruit, but i really taste a lot more lime. I think we should note that it’s better after it has some air. Because of how it smells, and it mellows out at room temperature.

C: It does have a really intense nose. Some might use the term cat pee. And yeah, the lime really dies down when its not icy cold. It’s imminently good, and totally drinkable.

K: Its equal parts Pinot Grigio AND totally drinkable.

C: It might be a good picnic wine, since it’s light and tastes better when its not super cold.

K: i don’t know how it would taste warm, but yeah. A picnic wine. It would be great to drink with a friend who likes Pinot Grigio, because i don’t necessarily like Pinot Grigio because it can get real cat pee real quick. Pinot Grigios can gets too green and acidic and alcoholic at the same time, which is overwhelming. But this is more accessible.

Obtained at Spec’s (Brodie Lane location) for $9.79. Its normally $10.97, we got it on sale.

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