Sister Creek Vineyards Blend 2010

Texas Hill Country Wine Wine Region: Texas Hill Country Wine Type: Cabernet Sauvignon 59%, Merlot 29%, Petite Verdot 12% Price: $13.29 Rating: 8 out of 10 stars Notes:  Oak, Cherry, Leather, Robust C: Whooo, the attack phase is very oaky. K: This is GREAT. It also smells really good. There’s cherry and oak and leather. […]

El Sancho Escudero 400 Anniversary Red Wine

Wine Region: Spain Wine Type: “Red Wine” Price: ?? Top Notes: #1 tangy metal & #2 citrus C: What?! What is that taste? It tastes like juice? Like watered down juice? How do you get a red wine that tastes like orange juice? K: It’s tangy. Thats what it is. B: It tastes like rubbing […]

Becker Vineyard Iconoclast Merlot 2010

Texas Hill Country Wine Wine Region: Texas Wine Type: Merlot Price: Under $12 Store: Spec’s Liquors Top Notes: #1 Wood (smooth)  & #2 Cherry C: Its a nice, solid, easy to enjoy red wine. That’s what merlots are supposed to be, right? Red wine for beginners. K: It does have that dirt and red wine […]

Torre Di Pietra Malbec 2010

 Texas Hill Country Wine [box style=”rounded”]Wine Region: Texas Wine Type: Malbec Price: $14.99 Store: Spec’s Liquors[/box] K: So we are reviewing this out of order because there were 3 Torre wines at Specs and the two cheaper ones were sold out and there were only 2 bottles of this left. So, i decided to get […]