Becker Vineyards Iconoclast Cab 2011

Texas Hill Country Wine Wine Region: Texas Wine Type:  Merlot Price: $8.69 Notes:  Black Currant, Jammy, Smooth K: Mmm, i like that. Its really good. C: Smoooooth. Very dark and fruity. K: Black currant, totally. It even smells like currants, which is really pleasing. I would describe it as light-bodied. Its a good summer Texas […]

Becker Texas Fume Blanc 2011

Wine Region: Texas Wine Type: Fume Blanc* Price: $10.99 Notes: Dry, Acidic, Lemon K: It’s very citrusy. I don’t know if thats just me. (Kristen burned her tongue the day before our tasting) C: No, its citrusy and acidic, like a Chardonnay. K: Except it doesnt smell like cat piss. C: It’s more lemony than […]

Becker Vineyards Moscato 2011

Texas Hill Country Wine   K: Not effervescent. It is more simple than the Sister Creek Muscat Cannelli. Different flavor notes. Its thicker and more syrupy. I can imagine it on a pancake. C: I think the Frito’s we just ate to counteract that Spanish wine may be screwing with our taste buds. It doesn’t […]

Becker Vineyard Iconoclast Merlot 2010

Texas Hill Country Wine Wine Region: Texas Wine Type: Merlot Price: Under $12 Store: Spec’s Liquors Top Notes: #1 Wood (smooth)  & #2 Cherry C: Its a nice, solid, easy to enjoy red wine. That’s what merlots are supposed to be, right? Red wine for beginners. K: It does have that dirt and red wine […]