Becker Texas Fume Blanc 2011

Wine Region: Texas Wine Type: Fume Blanc* Price: $10.99 Notes: Dry, Acidic, Lemon K: It’s very citrusy. I don’t know if thats just me. (Kristen burned her tongue the day before our tasting) C: No, its citrusy and acidic, like a Chardonnay. K: Except it doesnt smell like cat piss. C: It’s more lemony than […]

Becker Vineyards Texas Riesing 2012

$8.39 Spec’s Liquors K: It’s very grapey, very peachy. C: Yes, fruity but not too sweet. It tastes a tiny bit vinegary. K: The acidity does balance it out. B: It tastes like the milk after a bowl of cereal, you have the smoothness of the milk and the fruitiness of the cereal, like fruity […]

Texas Hills Pinot Grigio 2010

Texas Hill Country Wine K: Whoo, this has a lot of flavor. C: I like it, but i think it reminds me of a chardonnay almost. It’s really acidic. K: The write up mentions fruit, but i really taste a lot more lime. I think we should note that it’s better after it has some […]