Sister Creek Vineyards Blend 2010

Texas Hill Country Wine

Wine Region: Texas Hill Country

Wine Type: Cabernet Sauvignon 59%, Merlot 29%, Petite Verdot 12%

Price: $13.29

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Oak, Cherry, Leather, Robust

C: Whooo, the attack phase is very oaky.

K: This is GREAT. It also smells really good. There’s cherry and oak and leather.

C: The nose is great. It makes me want to read a book and smoke a cigar at the same time. Its probably a little too cold right now to get all the flavors.

K: That is a solid wine, it’s really good.

C: The flavors develops really well into a smooth but bold mix of reds. It is meaty and thoroughly drinkable. God, i love these thick dense reds.

K: I love how its not too tannic. I think it’s the merlot and the fact that its not too high in alcohol. This is a GOOD wine. It doesnt taste strongly of tannins or dirt. It also doesnt raise your body temp.

C: This is a light Texas summer wine. Its not gonna give you a stroke if you drink it in the heat, but its really layered for a light Texas summer wine from the Hill Country.

B: I really like it, i think its good.


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