Sister Creek Vineyards 2011 Chardonnay

sister-creek-vineyards-chardonnay_drunk-housekeepingTexas Hill Country Wine

Wine Region: Texas Hill Country

Wine Type: Chardonnay

Price: $13.29

Rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Notes: Acidic, Acidic, Acidic, Sweet Lemon


K: It tastes like butter and lemon. More of a Meyer lemon taste though, sweeter and not too tart. I also like the nose.

C: It’s a sweet smell. The taste is more acidic of course, but it’s also sweet.

K: It’s not drastically different from Becker’s Chardonnay but its a lot more extreme. It has all the same flavors just stronger.

C: Having tasted this one, i think we should call the Becker Chardonnay a mellow Chard. The attack on this one is a lot stronger. I think that’s the difference. The acidity really leads and it’s kind of overwhelming.

K: Yeah, i think it has a lot of similar notes to the Becker Chardonnay but its just so exaggerated that it’s not a wine for everyone. I think it tastes really good. It is definitely not a wine that i would drink more than one bottle of. You won’t be able to handle more than that.

C: Yeah, my palate is blown. Two bottles would be painful. It say s it tastes of pineapples on the bottle, but the only way i would agree is that its as strong on the palate as a pineapple.

K: Yeah, my mouth does taste like i ate pineapple.

C: It also says it tastes like butterscotch.

K: I could see that, on the finish.


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