Sister Creek 2010 Pinot Noir

Texas Hill Country Wine Review

Wine Region: Texas

Wine Type:  Pinot Noir

Price: $20

Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Light, Tart, Plum, Wood

C: This wine is nice and light but its also got some body. It’s one of the wines we had at the river house last year and we drank it in 100 degree heat without getting overheated. Its a solid wine though, with enough body to make it a good red.

K: This is a great grilling wine. Its a light red but the tartness works really well. It tastes a bit like an unripe plum. With the tartness.

C: It tastes a little woody.

K: Yeah, its a light taste though. Oak.

C: So its a great red wine for hot Texas summer days.

Bottle Notes: “Our Pinot Noir was made in a style which includes spicy nutmeg, and cherry-like aromas. This wine was aged in traditional 60 gallon oak barrels and is lightly filtered.

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