Shiner Ruby Redbird

shiner-ruby-redbird_drunk-housekeepingTexas Beer Review

Beer Region: Texas

Beer Type: Fruit with Lager

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Temperature Resistance: High

Flavors:  Grapefruit, Wheat, Ginger, Hops

Price: $6.39 for a six-pack at Specs


K: It’s got grapefruit in it!

C: Ooooooo, this is great.

K: The grapefruit flavor is great, it really lingers. Long after a sip!

C: The ginger clears some space on the palate for the sweeter grapefruit, but i wouldn’t say it totally overwhelms the whole flavor.

K: Now that its been out for an hour, you can really taste the ginger. I really love it, it has a ginger beer taste to it (but without that bite) and i’ll be buying it again.

C: I read some other online reviews and some people are saying that the grapefruit overwhelms the beer. I don’t think that it really tastes like a fruit beer.

K: Its not like a lambic, or a prune beer. It reminds me of a lighter version of the Abita Strawberry. The levels of fruitiness in it would be enough for my mom to really enjoy it and for my dad to dislike it immediately.

C: It’s not cloying or overly sweet, but it is still a beer that will probably make more serious beer drinkers develop a twitch. Judging from other online reviews, serious beer drinkers did not like it. Mainly because it doesn’t taste like beer.

*79 degrees is the ideal temperature for light beers. We noticed that as it warmed, the grapefruit became less intense and the ginger really opened up. The taste of the hops develops towards room temperature but remained very smooth.

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