Rockbrook Pinot Grigio 2012

drunk-housekeeping-rockbrookWine Region: California

Wine Type:  Pinot Grigio

Price: $6 something

Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Notes: Honeysuckle, citrus, grass, tropical fruit


K: It has a green smell to it.

C: There is a honeysuckle fruit to it’s nose.

K: It tastes pineapple-y but there’s an herbaceous fruit quality to the nose. Very much a fresh garden smell.  Its a very easy drink, not too sweet or too acidic.

C: Very clean and fresh, but the acidic green flavors balance nicely with the fruity nose, so it’s easy to drink. The attack phase is also unusually smooth.

K: The initial smoothness doesn’t linger but yes, it is very smooth. There’s almost a buttery quality to the citrus.

C: It’s definitely not a lip stinger. The acidity of it is constantly curbed by the fragrance of it and by a buttery aftertaste.

K: It’s worth noting that it doesn’t look like a super discount wine. I wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring it to someone’s house for an event.

C: This is a really unusual Pinot Grigo. I dont think i’ve had a Pinot Grigio with this fragrant and fruity a bouquet.

K: True. It’s usually a cat pee and grass wine. This though, is a very drinkable wine. Its a very good weeknight wine. I wouldn’t feel bad finishing this wine on a Tuesday night. By myself.

C: I would say it’s the best Pinot Grigio under $10 that i’ve ever tasted. The stars aligned so this wine could have an admirable and delicate balance that is unheard of at this price range. Or the blood, sweat and tears that went into this wine taste like a delicious grassy alcoholic beverage, depends on the dedication of the team.

K: It’s not a great bottle of wine but its a fantastic value and its totally drinkable and enjoyable. Most $6 bottles of wine are nowhere near this good.

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