Zonin Prosecco

Wine Region:  Italy

Wine Type:  Brut Sparkling Wine – Prosecco

Price: $9.41

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Dry, Acidic, Crisp, Citrus

K: Its very light and crisp. Its not a grapefruit taste, and its not very lemon-y. It’s more like a twist of lemon.

C: It’s so effervescent that it just disappears before i can swallow it.

K: It’s totally good and nice and dry. This is dry enough that you could mix it with something sweet and it wouldn’t be overwhelming. It’s a great deal for under $10. It would mix amazingly. Sub this out for champagne.

C: I really like this, its a delicious dry prosecco. I dont really drink bubbly by itself, but i think this would be an exception. Its got a real flavor but its also light.

Bottle Notes: The Zonin Prosecco is a delectable and bubbly sparkling wine with a soft and fruity flavor that makes it ideal as an aperitif and for the entire meal. Perfect for Bellini cocktail. Serve chilled at room temperature of 42-46 degrees.


Crispin Cider Lansdowne with Irish Stout Yeast

crispincider_stout_drunkhousekeepingCider Review

Cider Type: Hard Apple Cider Irish Stout Yeast and Organic Molasses

Price: $5.97

Rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Molasses, Sweet,  Stout, Apples

K: It’s the cider for Guinness lovers, but Guinness lovers dont want cider. This one smells beer-y too.  Again, i wouldn’t search this out again.

C: I think this one is more drinkable though.

K: Yes, it’s less dry.

C: The molasses is a very strong taste, and i’m not sure i can taste apples at all.

K: The very first taste is apple, it gets more molasses-y as you drink. And the warmer it gets, the more it tastes of molasses.  And it’s really sweet.

The bottle:

“Extra Stout Bodied Cider

Naturally fermented with original Irish stout ale yeast using a premium blend of fresh pressed apple juice, not from concentrate, with no added malt, spirit, or grape alcohol.

A full bodied, confident and imposing cider. Brown, deep and rich, a slight hint of butterscotch, balanced by a subtle fruitiness and slightly dry crisp finish with a uniquely full and buttery mouth-feel.

Lansdowne’s Artisanal Reserve cloudy hard cider is unfiltered and uses racked apple wine smoothed with pure organic molasses, a kiss of organic honey, and no added colorants, sorbate or benzoate preservatives, and is best served ice-cold or over ice for bold, crisp refreshment. “

Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider Cha-Tokkyu

crispincider_sake_drunkhousekeepingCider Review

Cider Type:  Unfiltered apple

Price: $5.97

Rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Yeasty, tart & bright, dry, apple

K: It is not very apple-y. That is the least of it. It’s not bad, I dont think I would seek it out again but it’s okay. It’s just too intensely yeasty even for a dry cider. I can’t imagine drinking a whole bottle of it.

C: I like it, the yeastiness is so forward it almost tastes like a wheat beer. I think it would make a really stellar beertail. It tastes like a wheat beer after you’ve squeezed a big chunk of fruit into it.

I agree with five stars because it’s not a very bold taste, it doesnt seem to be a subtly quality in addition to the cider, it makes the cider an aftertaste . Which is interesting, but not super drinkable. Really though, mixed with some fruit and herbs, it could be a fantastic cocktail. It could replace the wheat beer in a cocktail.

K: Yes, i dont think that anything could remove or disguise this tasteI’m also re-experiencing how dry it is. It is very drying.

K: It tastes better cool but not warm or very cold. Also the smell of yeast is not as strong when it’s had a chance to cool.

The bottle:

“Cider Superexpress – Fermented Fresh Pressed Apple Juice

Naturally fermented with authentic Sake yeast using a premium blend of fresh pressed apple juice, not from concentrate, with no added malt, spirit or grape alcohol.

A racy high-speed cider that remains crisp and well balanced. Cloudy and straw colored with an exotic polished complexity. Co-tokkyu is clean, vibrant with an authentic dry sake finish and a distinctive apple backbone.

Cho-tokkyu Artisanal Reseve cloudy hard cider is unfiltered and uses racked apple wine smoothed with pure organic rice syrup.

No added colorants, sorbate, or benzoate preservatives, and is best served cool to cold.”

Sister Creek 2010 Pinot Noir

Texas Hill Country Wine Review

Wine Region: Texas

Wine Type:  Pinot Noir

Price: $20

Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Light, Tart, Plum, Wood

C: This wine is nice and light but its also got some body. It’s one of the wines we had at the river house last year and we drank it in 100 degree heat without getting overheated. Its a solid wine though, with enough body to make it a good red.

K: This is a great grilling wine. Its a light red but the tartness works really well. It tastes a bit like an unripe plum. With the tartness.

C: It tastes a little woody.

K: Yeah, its a light taste though. Oak.

C: So its a great red wine for hot Texas summer days.

Bottle Notes: “Our Pinot Noir was made in a style which includes spicy nutmeg, and cherry-like aromas. This wine was aged in traditional 60 gallon oak barrels and is lightly filtered.

Crios Rose of Malbec 2012

criosrose_drunkhousekeepingWine Region: Mendoza Argentina

Wine Type:  Rosé

Price: $12.52

Rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Dry, Fresh, Fruity

C: Its got the acetic acid vinegary taste but its nice and fresh.

K: It’s not terribly complex but it is good and drinkable. It would be a good intro to Roses for people who like white wines but think Roses are too sweet.

C: It is dry and fruity

K: Its very light on the fruit though. It’s good, not great. It’s not complex, it doesnt have a lot to offer but it’s drinkable.



Brancott Estate New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2012

brancottsauvblanc_drunkhousekeepingWine Region: Marlborough, New Zealand

Wine Type:  Sauvignon Blanc

Price: $8.31

Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Acidic, Grapefruit, Bright

K: Really nice aroma, very grapefruity. Super light and refreshing.

C: The aroma is deliciously floral. What a good summer wine! So bright!

K:  It would taste great with arugula.

C: Something green and bitter would offset it nicely.  It’s acidic but not overly so. It is really good, i just want to drink this for the rest of the summer.

B: It’s yacht wine! It’s the wine that people drink on yachts in movies.

K: It’s not even sweet, it just tastes exactly like grapefruit. Super tart. I love that wine. A lot. And for under $12 it’s amazing. Fantastic.

Notes from the bottle: The world’s first Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Sourced from a range of Marlborough vineyards, this Sauvignon Blanc presents an intense blend of fresh grapefruit and passion fruit flavors. Best served lightly chilled.


Sister Creek Vineyards Blend 2010

Texas Hill Country Wine

Wine Region: Texas Hill Country

Wine Type: Cabernet Sauvignon 59%, Merlot 29%, Petite Verdot 12%

Price: $13.29

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Oak, Cherry, Leather, Robust

C: Whooo, the attack phase is very oaky.

K: This is GREAT. It also smells really good. There’s cherry and oak and leather.

C: The nose is great. It makes me want to read a book and smoke a cigar at the same time. Its probably a little too cold right now to get all the flavors.

K: That is a solid wine, it’s really good.

C: The flavors develops really well into a smooth but bold mix of reds. It is meaty and thoroughly drinkable. God, i love these thick dense reds.

K: I love how its not too tannic. I think it’s the merlot and the fact that its not too high in alcohol. This is a GOOD wine. It doesnt taste strongly of tannins or dirt. It also doesnt raise your body temp.

C: This is a light Texas summer wine. Its not gonna give you a stroke if you drink it in the heat, but its really layered for a light Texas summer wine from the Hill Country.

B: I really like it, i think its good.


Lucas & Lewellen Viognier 2011

Wine Region: Santa Barbara County

Wine Type: Lucas & Lewellen

Price: $15.15

Rating: 4 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Muted, Light, Apricot

C: It almost reminds me of sake, where the fruity tastes come in underneath the alcoholic taste. Which is unusual because the fruity notes of wine usually disguise that alcoholic taste.

K: Its an incredibly mild, light bodied wine. It was described to us as a porch pounder. I can see that.

K: Its a very muted flavor.

C: I cant help but think there’s something wrong with my palette. There’s almost no flavor to it at all.

K: No, its really really mild. Its unusual for a Viognier which is usually very aromatic. Its also usually very floral, so this is completely atypical.

C: I think that remnant taste (after drinking) is nearly non-existent.  Actually, i think this might qualify as a reticent wine (“one that is holding back its flavors, possibly due to it’s youth”). Yeah, i looked it up. So what?

K: I had curry for dinner, and it tastes sweeter when you have an intensely spicy dish. I can totally taste the apricot now. Very clean and light with a non-sweet apricot taste. It tastes good, but not $15 good.

C: I tried to reproduce this by eating two tablespoons of hot sauce.  It didn’t work. I am totally willing to suffer for a proper exploration of taste.

B: If i ran a marathon, this is the wine I would drink after. It’s like if a Canadian person was a wine. Its totally inoffensive to everyone.

K: I object, because if that was true it would have an apology on the back for everything it isn’t. Soorry, soorry!*

* Apologies to fine Canucks. We love your TV, your countryside and your beautiful temperament.


Becker Vineyards Texas Riesling 2012

Texas Hill Country Wine

Wine Region: Texas Hill Country

Wine Type: Riesling

Price: $10.59

Rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Sweet, Medium-bodied, Acidic finish, Pineapple, Acetic


K: I do like the way this smells. It is surprisingly thick, medium bodied.

C: Yes, its not a light white.

B: This initial taste is … pickled egg.*

K: It tastes a lot like pineapple.

C: I think its too thick to be a good wine when warm.

K: True, although I like it more as it warms up towards room temperature. The acid decreases and its smoother.

C: It’s definitely better than the Moscato, which was just a one-note wine. It would be good with a salad.

K: It would be awesome with brunch. Quiche, salad, anything light.

C: It would be a good substitute for a mimosa. Its very fruity.

K: It would also be a fantastic base for a white sangria.

* Learning Moment: The detectable smell and flavor of vinegar in a wine is indicative of  the presence of a larger than usual amount of acetic acid. Acetic acid is integral to the winemaking process, and especially to drawing out the fruit notes in a wine. It can, however, unbalance a wine if there’s too much of it.

Sister Creek Vineyards 2010 Merlot

sister-creek-vineyards-merlot_drunk-housekeepingTexas Hill Country Wine

Wine Region: Texas Hill Country

Wine Type: Merlot

Price: $13.29

Rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Notes:  butter, blackberry, tannins


C: This merlot makes me happy.

K: You are a big fan of buttery merlots. I think its very good, and very buttery.

C: Hey, I like red wines with some depth of flavor. This is a delicious murky and buttery merlot.

K: This is a very good wine, totally drinkable.

C: Its very blackberry but its got a lot of tannins to balance it.

* At this point, we were enjoying it so much that we forgot to discuss more about it.