Lucas & Lewellen Viognier 2011

Wine Region: Santa Barbara County

Wine Type: Lucas & Lewellen

Price: $15.15

Rating: 4 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Muted, Light, Apricot

C: It almost reminds me of sake, where the fruity tastes come in underneath the alcoholic taste. Which is unusual because the fruity notes of wine usually disguise that alcoholic taste.

K: Its an incredibly mild, light bodied wine. It was described to us as a porch pounder. I can see that.

K: Its a very muted flavor.

C: I cant help but think there’s something wrong with my palette. There’s almost no flavor to it at all.

K: No, its really really mild. Its unusual for a Viognier which is usually very aromatic. Its also usually very floral, so this is completely atypical.

C: I think that remnant taste (after drinking) is nearly non-existent.  Actually, i think this might qualify as a reticent wine (“one that is holding back its flavors, possibly due to it’s youth”). Yeah, i looked it up. So what?

K: I had curry for dinner, and it tastes sweeter when you have an intensely spicy dish. I can totally taste the apricot now. Very clean and light with a non-sweet apricot taste. It tastes good, but not $15 good.

C: I tried to reproduce this by eating two tablespoons of hot sauce.  It didn’t work. I am totally willing to suffer for a proper exploration of taste.

B: If i ran a marathon, this is the wine I would drink after. It’s like if a Canadian person was a wine. Its totally inoffensive to everyone.

K: I object, because if that was true it would have an apology on the back for everything it isn’t. Soorry, soorry!*

* Apologies to fine Canucks. We love your TV, your countryside and your beautiful temperament.


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