Les Domaniers 2012 Cotes de Provence

les-domaniers-cotes-du-provenceWine Region: Cotes de Provence

Wine Type:  Rosé

Price: $22

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Notes: Dry like a Desert,

K: Its a beautiful wine. I wish i had a dress that was that color. Its a lovely nude color. Or a blush in that color.

C: Wow, it is cold and dry. And very simple.

K: It has an interesting taste to it. Its dry but not astringent. Its very velvety.

C: Super smooth on the ending now that you mention it.

K: This would be an 8 of 10 if it was $5 cheaper. It is a troublesome wine, very easy to drink. I imagine that people who own yachts drink this wine.

C: A classic, dry light blush wine.

B:  This is very dry and refreshing.



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