Harbinger Winery and Dynamo Red Review




Harbinger Dynamo Red Review:


A smooth very drinkable deep red. The rich fruit tastes of cherry and plum are balanced with refreshing tannins and a black pepper note. A medium body and mild fruit tartness appreciate the fruits involved without becoming juicy.

Pairing note: The chocolate we tasted this with didn’t do anything amazing with this wine. The lavender walnuts we tried were perfect. The sweet and herbal coating on the walnuts along with their slightly bitter skins just tasted great with this wine. The wine also tasted better.

Harbinger Winery Tasting Review:

$5 for nine wine tastes. Two of the wines listed on their tasting sheet were unavailable the day we were there.

They also do a local beer tasting of five alternating varieties.

Harbinger Winery was busy the weekend we stopped by. The tasting bar was completely full with people. The tasting room host got us situated at a table away from the bar and proceeded to bring wine after wine to the table for us to try. It would have been nice to have a bit more attention as the host seemed rushed but all in all she handled the masses well. The crowd at Harbinger was a refreshing change of pace. There was a mix of locals enjoying a post work glass of wine and retirees getting a growler to take on their mobile home.

It’s also worth noting, their little gift area was thankfully free of bedazzled junk. In addition to normal wine paraphernalia they have a selection of local snacks. I wish Texas wineries would take a note from this page and offer more local edibles and fewer baby doll tees.

They have been producing wines since 2005. As is common in most Olympic Peninsula wineries (so I learned), their grapes are grown in the desert climate of Eastern Washington.

The wines we tasted:

-2011 Viognier, Notes: Tropical Fruit, Citrus, Mild Acidity

-2012 Off-Dry Riesling, Notes: Peach, Non-Cloying, Slightly Sweet. Fun Fact for the Wine Idiots Like Me: Off-Dry means kinda dry, but not sweet.

-2012 Rhone Rose, Notes: Sweet Spice, Acidity, Tartness

-Dynamo Red (See Review Above)

-2009 El Jefe, Notes: Plums, Dried Bing Cherries, Cassis

-2009 Barbera, Notes: Spicy, Acidic nose, Fruity, not sweet taste

-2009 Merlot Reserve, Notes: Dusty, Tobacco, Fennel, Nicely balanced tartness and acidity

-2009 Cabernet Franc “The Rapture,” Notes: Blackberry, Slight Acid, Best from 2015-2018

-Blackberry Bliss, Notes: Has the tartness present in blackberries, Surprisingly not too sweet. Fun Fact: It takes 2 1/2 pounds of blackberries to make a bottle.

The beers we tasted:

-Barhop Summer Pale Ale

-Hopdiggity IPA

-Full Sail Oktoberfest (Great! Beautiful medium amber taste and look)

-Port Townsend Scotch (Notes of chocolate and caramel)

-Port Townsend Porter (Notes of espresso, dark but not heavy)

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