Wine Region: Hill Country, Texas
Wine Type:  Rosé
Price: $20ish
Rating: 6.5 out of 10 stars
Notes: Mineral


K: So they had a great deal online, three bottles and free shipping. I love the color of this wine. Its almost a cara cara color.

B: It looks like cough syrup. But that is not a bad thing

C: It looks like a Texas peach from high summer.

B: Like Big Red’s peach flavor, Big Peach.

C: I love how dry this is.

K: This wine is very nice. It is not too dry and I’m not getting any fruit. It’s just a light mineral. It’s a perfect day drinker, definitely not sweet so you won’t get hungover. Would probably make a great hobo sangria with frozen fruit.

6 out of 10 for acidity – not to the Sauvignon Blanc level. You won’t lose taste buds.

K: It really is a pretty wine.

C: It has some meditative qualities

K: The only thing to say that is because it is so full bodied, it forces you to slow down a smidge

C: It would class up a backyard barbecue

K: It does belong in the rosés for red wine category. They can often be too fruity or too light and this is neither of those.


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