Wine Region: Hill Country, Texas
Wine Type: Red
Price: $20ish
Rating: 6 out of 10 stars / 8 out of 10 stars / 8 out of 10 stars
Notes: Dried Fruits / Balsamic Vinegar


K: Smells like prunes

B: I smelled it as soon as we opened the bottle

B: That is not a wine to drink quickly

Carrie: Yeah I thought from the color it would be a light summer red but it is not. It is full bodied but soft start and soft finish.

B: It hits the back of your tongue hard.

K: I feel like this would taste better after decanting, it will take some of the sharpness off of it.

C: There is a bit of vinegar at the front but you’re right – letting the wine breathe more should help.

K: I don’t mean this as a bad thing, but i detect notes of horse.

B: It smells like a horses butt.

B: It would make a good mulled wine

K: Yeah, it is so aggressively dry that adding fruit to this would not be overly sugary

C: It’s dry enough that you won’t get a big headache from the sugar.

K: I think it is too dry for some people. The tannins are bitter.

B: I think it would pair well with s’mores.

C: You’re right. It needs strong flavors to pair with. Like steak with blue cheese. Or something smoked…

K: The bitterness is almost a pure dark chocolate taste, nearly green.

C: They definitely left the skins in for a looong time.

B: It is the chunky peanut butter of wines.

C: I really like this wine, but you know I love my big red wines.

K: This is a hotly contested wine.

C: It’s a conversation starter.

K: Now I really don’t want to go to the grocery store. It is a shelter in place wine. It’s also the second bottle of wine you drink. Don’t start with this, because your taste buds won’t be coming back from the acidity.

C: It has got a strong lingering finish.

K: No aftertaste but it lingers in the mouth<./span>

K: Dried cranberry

B: It has the density of a cranberry concentrate. An ass blasting cranberry juice.

C: I would say like prunes and plums. It’s acidic but like a balsamic vinegar.

K: I assume bc its grape growers blend it is the best of what they have, mixed together. I think it could have been aged longer.

C: I thought they meant a wine for their workers, something complex and interesting that might not be easily marketed.

B: A December through February wine. At night only.

C: Definitely not a summer wine.


K: 5 of 10

B: 8 of 10

C: 8 of 10

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