Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider Cha-Tokkyu

crispincider_sake_drunkhousekeepingCider Review

Cider Type:  Unfiltered apple

Price: $5.97

Rating: 5 out of 10 stars

Notes:  Yeasty, tart & bright, dry, apple

K: It is not very apple-y. That is the least of it. It’s not bad, I dont think I would seek it out again but it’s okay. It’s just too intensely yeasty even for a dry cider. I can’t imagine drinking a whole bottle of it.

C: I like it, the yeastiness is so forward it almost tastes like a wheat beer. I think it would make a really stellar beertail. It tastes like a wheat beer after you’ve squeezed a big chunk of fruit into it.

I agree with five stars because it’s not a very bold taste, it doesnt seem to be a subtly quality in addition to the cider, it makes the cider an aftertaste . Which is interesting, but not super drinkable. Really though, mixed with some fruit and herbs, it could be a fantastic cocktail. It could replace the wheat beer in a cocktail.

K: Yes, i dont think that anything could remove or disguise this tasteI’m also re-experiencing how dry it is. It is very drying.

K: It tastes better cool but not warm or very cold. Also the smell of yeast is not as strong when it’s had a chance to cool.

The bottle:

“Cider Superexpress – Fermented Fresh Pressed Apple Juice

Naturally fermented with authentic Sake yeast using a premium blend of fresh pressed apple juice, not from concentrate, with no added malt, spirit or grape alcohol.

A racy high-speed cider that remains crisp and well balanced. Cloudy and straw colored with an exotic polished complexity. Co-tokkyu is clean, vibrant with an authentic dry sake finish and a distinctive apple backbone.

Cho-tokkyu Artisanal Reseve cloudy hard cider is unfiltered and uses racked apple wine smoothed with pure organic rice syrup.

No added colorants, sorbate, or benzoate preservatives, and is best served cool to cold.”

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