Becker Vineyards Moscato 2011

becker-vineyards-moscato_drunk-housekeepingTexas Hill Country Wine


K: Not effervescent. It is more simple than the Sister Creek Muscat Cannelli. Different flavor notes. Its thicker and more syrupy. I can imagine it on a pancake.

C: I think the Frito’s we just ate to counteract that Spanish wine may be screwing with our taste buds. It doesn’t taste nearly as floral as the Sister Creek Muscat.

K: I get the sweetness but not the floral. It’s a lot like the Merlot, it hits the bases but doesn’t do more or less.

C: It is nice and sweet but i still dont taste that intense honeysuckle that we got from the Sister Creek Vineyards (another Texas hill country winery).

K: Honestly, if you need something sweet to go with a spicy dish, this is your guy. It’s just kind of a one-note.

C: If we hadn’t had that Sister Creek Muscat, we would probably think its great. I can definitely say it’s good. But I don’t know if it’s great. We’ve had better of this varietal from other Texas hill country vineyards.

B: If i was peeing in my great grandma’s bathroom and drinking a glass of wine, that is how this would taste.*

* To clarify: He means that his grandma’s bathroom smells like potpurri.

Wine obtained at Spec’s Liquors for $8.39.

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