Becker Texas Fume Blanc 2011

March 24, 2013 at 4:39 am

Wine Region: Texas

Wine Type: Fume Blanc*

Price: $10.99

Notes: Dry, Acidic, Lemon

K: It’s very citrusy. I don’t know if thats just me. (Kristen burned her tongue the day before our tasting)
C: No, its citrusy and acidic, like a Chardonnay.
K: Except it doesnt smell like cat piss.
C: It’s more lemony than grapefruity though. And becoming kind of buttery, but it’s dry. And there’s not a lot of sugar in the taste.
K: It’s a bit buttery with a soft mouthfeel, but still very acidic. I would call it rounded.
K: It’s light bodied, too. I do think that with this wine, it’s best chilled but not ice cold from the fridge. That way the flavors will actually blend.
B: If kids drank wine this is what they would drink. It’s like a Capri Sun. I could imagine drinking it at summer camp. It’s like alcoholic apple juice, with the smoothness of the apples.
K: It reminds me of a lemon bar. Tart, buttery, and sweet. In that order.

* So, Fume Blanc is really just a more marketable name for fermented Sauvignon Blanc. In this case, it’s one-fourth fermented in new barrels and three-fourths fermented in stainless steel.