drunkhousekeeping_chateaulacosteWine Region: Provence, France

Wine Type:  Rosé

Price: $15-$18 (this wine was a wildly cheap $12 back in 2006, but it’s popularity has steadily been growing. We’re betting its due to the new interest in our favorite pink wine and the organic farming techniques that Domaine du Vieux Chene uses.)

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Notes: Strawberry, Citrus, Clean, Vibrant


K: Unusually light – its a peach color
C: It’s a classic Provencal rosé, aside from the very light color. Although thats probably because the French don’t usually add anything to darken the color of the wine. *I’m talking about Mega Red, that secret compound that a lot of winemakers use to juice up the color and sweetness of their wines. Read some about it here. I’ll be tasting all dark wines now with a vague paranoia.
C: Similar to a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in its strength of flavor and layering, but with strong strawberry and citrus flavors.
K: A pink wine for people that love white wine. Very fresh but not tart.
C: A great starter rosé for people who don’t understand the draw of rosés.
C: The vinegar taste that most rosés have is muted. Good balance on the acetic acid.

Bottle Notes: A blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Carrignan. Organic grapes, estate grown and bottled

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